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Book Made 7 Productions to create your website! We're here to achieve for you. Our services include full website design, creating an ECommerce Store, Bookings, SEO and more. Choose a package to have Made 7 Productions using the web at optimal performance.

Booking Policy

All are subject to the following terms below. Booking in General: Talent(s) may be booked hourly, half-day, full-day, or weekly (Holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays subject to negotiation) with a minimum booking policy of a one hour of use or nonuse of talent(s). A day rate is a full eight consecutive hours, example, between 9am-6pm; paid lunch break included within the eight consecutive hours. Length of booking time must be stated prior to booking and must be stated at the time of booking for complete agreement from all parties. All bookings must be paid upon receipt, whether used or not. Booking fees: Fees and rates are assumed to both convey the same message within the context of this booking section, however, to ensure full clarity of fees and rates and which can and may not be applied please do contact a Made 7 Productions LLC representative, in regard to the booking. Nevertheless, any full day, half day, or weekly bookings must specify a fee/rate in advance prior to booking and fees/rates that has been specified prior to the booking cannot be converted and/or changed into a different means of booking fee/rate, example, from hourly to full day booking fee/rate, or from full day booking to hourly booking fee/rate. Booking fee/rate must be consistent to what was mutually agreed upon and accepted by all parties involved initially with the booking. Fees/rates may be on the basis of quotes for Made 7 Productions LLC, contact talent agent; thereby fees/rates may vary by performance, category, and media usage. Print Booking Policy: Made 7 Productions LLC can be available for hourly, half day, or full day bookings and a minimum of one hour booking with additional half hour increments. Fifteen minutes or forty five minutes past the hour is considered to be an additional half hour. A day fee/rate must be specified in advance and is considered 8 consecutive hours, including lunch. Day fees/rates cannot be changed to an hourly fee/rate during the booking, even if Made 7 Productions LLC is released before 8 hours. Time and a half will be charged after 12 hours. All of Made 7 Productions LLC rates/fees shall be established prior and confirmed at the time of booking. All usage negotiated separately. Men’s underwear may be billed at double rate. The client must specify the exact type of garment at the time of booking. Swimwear and lingerie must be negotiated through Made 7 Productions LLC. Client must clear with Made 7 Productions LLC prior to lingerie bookings. A closed set must be an option that is provided for such bookings. NUDES, SEMI-NUDES, PERSONAL HYGIENE will be a NEGOTIATED FEE/RATE, and must be clear and receive acceptance with Made 7 Productions LLC prior to accepting such a booking. Non-Union TV/Film/Web: Fees/rates are subject to negotiation with Made 7 Productions LLC and may be on the project basis. Fees/Rates can also be based on performance category, and media usage. All buyouts are subjected to be negotiated separately. Fashion/Promotional/Trade Show Bookings: Contact Made 7 Productions LLC for fees/rates. Weekends and Holidays: Must be negotiated with Made 7 Productions LLC. Fittings/Wardrobe Sessions: $200 per hour unless otherwise specified or negotiated by Made 7 Productions LLC. Please do contact Made 7 Productions LLC for further information on fittings/wardrobe sessions. Specific Wardrobe is the responsibility of the client(s). Model(s)/talent(s) for commercial assignments will provide a basic assortment of 3 outfits. Changing Facilities/Holding Area: Secure private changing facilities MUST be provided on all bookings and locations. Weather Permit Cancellation: Weather Permit must be stated prior to and at the time of the booking. The specific type of weather permit must be specified. There will be no charge if Made 7 Productions LLC is notified before leaving for the assignment. Cancellation prior to booking day is no charge, provided it is re-booked at the time of the cancellation. Otherwise cancellation fees/rates may be applied. Cancellation: A rate/fee will be charged for a job cancelled after it has been a confirmed booking. A confirmed booking is when all parties have mutually consented and/or agreed to the bookings prior to and at booking. In addition, a written notification has been given and/or sent to the client(s) by Made 7 Productions LLC mentioning that Made 7 Productions LLC has been booked and confirmed for the particular project. Cancellation policy is as followed: 1. Less than 72 hours notice: Full session rate/fee may be applied. 2. More than 14 days notice: 50% of session rate/fee may be applied. 3. More than 30 days notice: No charge may apply. **********Notice must be given Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5pm, working business hours. Anything after the given time and days MAY BE SUBJECT to any of the following above cancellation policy. Please do contact Made 7 Productions LLC in regarding this issue. Tentative Bookings: Tentative bookings must be confirmed or released within 72 hours prior to the bookings. If client does not release or confirm tentative bookings, Made 7 Productions LLC reserves the rights to cancel. Travel Time: If location shoots ten miles outside of where Made 7 Productions LLC currently resides in, then a proper and reasonable travel rate/fee chosen by Made 7 Productions LLC may be applied toward Made 7 Productions LLC. Travel time by commercial auto; If Made 7 Productions LLC furnishes commercial automobile then automobile travel rate/fee may be applied, for further calculation, please do contact Made 7 Productions LLC. Travel time by air; Client is to pay for transportation for two (First Class/Business Class), lodging (4 Stars & Above) for two and expenses for two if Made 7 Productions LLC chooses to travel by air to location shoot, however, though please do contact Made 7 Productions LLC in regard to this matter. All transportation and lodging will be chosen by Made 7 Productions LLC. Please do contact Made 7 Productions LLC for further clarity and information. Transportation, lodging and expenses are to be paid by the client - after Made 7 Productions LLC has booked and purchased those services - up to 72 hours prior to the date of assignment (unless otherwise negotiated). All things considered, all travel time MUST be discussed and confirmed prior to booking and at booking. Usage Fees/Rates: Usage fees/rates must be negotiated for billboards, posters, packaging, POP’s national retail/magazine advertisements, and international usages, FSI’s stills for television/film, web usage, exclusivity, and use of actual names and/or other specialized uses. All uses for print are for one year period unless otherwise specified. Further information will be provided in regard to the usage fees/rates from Made 7 Productions LLC. Payment: Payment is required immediately upon booking. Overdue accounts may be charged at the rate/fee of 4-5% per month of the unpaid balance. In the event of non-payment, all collection costs (including any legal expenses and court fees) will be the responsibility of the client, advertising agency or their representatives. Made 7 Productions LLC will provide an invoice for the client(s) to fill in and Made 7 Productions LLC will also provide a form that is needed to be signed by the client(s) that the payment section of the booking policy has been acknowledged and understood by client(s). A copy of the signed form will be given to the client(s) within 3-7 business days. Model(s)/Talent(s) Fees: All fees/rates are to be paid directly to Made 7 Productions LLC. Client(s) Responsibility: The following are client responsibilities: Full disclosure of any conditions or requirements for a specific job. Provide Made 7 Productions LLC with complete billing information prior to a booking. Any on-set discrepancies should be reported to the Made 7 Productions LLC immediately, and will only be discussed prior to assignment completion. Provide Made 7 Productions LLC with exact wardrobe requirements, shoot location, time and date and furnish safe and secure dressing/holding facilities for Made 7 Productions LLC to include a designated (armed or unarmed) security guard on-site. Provide any specific weather permits regarding booking.

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